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If you learned how to start React from the last post, this time I will show you a coding example using react.
What I’m going to make is a simple To-Do List. This will allow you to enter a value in the input, add a list through the Add button, and delete from the list.

1) Creating and setting your working folder

Type this in your VSCode terminal to start react:

  • cd todo-list
  • npm start
  • Remove the logo img, App.css, and App.js contents except for a basic form.

2) Build a component

  • Create TodoList.js and css files in the component folder.
  • In TodoList.js…

React is the most beloved and growing library of existing front-end frameworks and libraries. Developers are bound to be sensitive to the trends. Because the popularity of technology affects communities and life expectancy.

The picture below shows the current status of downloading Npm for about 2 years. It can see that React is a top trend.


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